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If your child is in Kindergarden, or is ready to be sent to preschool, this platform will be a blessing for shaping your child's future.

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Kinderly App powered by Beacon Light Publication Pvt. Ltd is an educational platform to help your child learn basics including alphabets ABC, numbers, different shapes, colours, tracing the lines, free hand drawing, basic vocabulary and the fundamentals of pre-primary education sitting next to you wherever possible. It also includes unlimited worksheets filled with innovative and variety of brainstorming activities for your toddler and kids.

Our Aim

We aim at providing a platform to transform our new generation heading towards schools geared up to grasp best out of rest by providing them e-learning right at their place. Our Perspective is to make every child ready to fight the battle of the future to become the glory of their family.

Our Vision

The Vision of Kinderly is to spread a sense of advancement in our next generation and to prepare our Children to make their own name and fame in the upcoming time. We cater the most interactive and ground breaking platform of education which can shape the delicate and keen mind of our children right from the age where they are ready to accept the outer world.

About us

Kinderly for Kids is directed towards offering free, fun-filled, quality Pre- primary education programs dedicated for curriculum based study to all children worldwide. The foundation was laid by Mr Mohit Vijay and Mr. Prabhat Kumar in Kota India in 2020 powered by Beacon light Publications Pvt. Ltd. Since the past many years e-learning has emerged out to be the most important educational formats that everyone wants to follow. The main answer to this change in perception is- the race for the better future. We all are forwarding toward the exponentially growing and very complicated commuting world. So to get an advanced next generation, we must encourage them to accept the new challenges and make them future ready with all the potential learning tools and advancements.

Top Leading Features

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Kinderly Mobile App

Combining deep and extensive teaching experience with cutting-edge technology.

Pricing to make your Work Effective

We offer 100% satisafaction and Money back Guarantee
One Month
  • Full Syllabus
  • Limited Worksheet (50)
  • Limited Quiz (50)
  • Limited Tracing (50)
  • Limited Drawing Sheets (50)
  • Limited Audio Pad (50)
Full Session
  • Full Syllabus
  • Unlimited Worksheet (100+)
  • Unlimited Quiz (200+)
  • Unlimited Tracing (300+)
  • Unlimited Drawing Sheets (300+)
  • Unlimited Audio Pad (300+)

The Smart Approach To Learning

1 They learn better when concepts are turned into games
We use gamified content to make the student's learning journey more engaging and rewarding
2 We believe that students are naturally attuned to learning
We believe that every student has an affinity towards learning that needs to be nurtured
3 Student plot their educational journey be themselves
The learning journey is personalised as the students can learn, relearn and test themselves on their own
4 Revision becomes fun when it is given replay value
Relearning and revising concepts feel more fun and less repetitive with a garmified approach


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